Code Controlled 230 VAC Power Control/Reboot Unit


Note: This power Switch is discontinued. Replacement is the IPS-400CE!!

(One Plug, Expandable)

230 VAC Europe Approved Power Switch, 2 Each


A 230 VAC version of our RPS-10 expandable, code controlled power control/reboot system. A single RPS-10 EC Master Module provides power control for one 230 VAC outlet. When reboot needs expand, additional RPS-10 EC Satellite Modules can be added to allow individual control of up to ten 230 VAC outlets. Modules are linked together using standard RJ-11 style cable, for a maximum end-to-end length of 2000 feet

Technische Daten

  • Switched Port: 1 with 5 Amp 230 V
  • Controllport:DB-9 Stecker, DTE, V.24/V.28
  • Datarate:2400 oder 9600 bit/s
  • Link Port:RS-485 ├╝ber 2 RJ-11
  • Dimension :B 130 mm, T 140 mm, H 42 mm
  • Command:ON, OFF, BOOT
  • Expandable to 10 Switched AC Outlets
  • "Universal" Style AC Plug Interface
  • ON, OFF or REBOOT Commands
  • Switch up to 5 Amps per Module (230VAC)
  • End-to-End Link Distance of over 2,000 Feet

RPS-10M EC (Master Module, One Plug, Expandable, 230 VAC):

RPS-10S EC (Satellite Module, One Plug, Expandable, 230 VAC):

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