CLM Series Dual Input Current Load Monitor


The CLM-Series Dual Bus Current Monitor gives the Network Engineer the ability to determine how much power is actually being used in an equipment rack. The CLM also provides a means for measuring the load balance between two power source inputs such as a main AC feed and a UPS feed. The 1U unit displays True RMS Current, Voltage and Watts on two separate 20 Amp feeds. Each Bus has two IEC320-C20 outlets which connect to the rack's PDUs or Reboot Switches. Total or individual outlet current, voltage and watts are displayed using dual - 4 digit easy to read 1/2 inch blue LED displays on the front panel. An 80% of current capacity audible alarm can be optionally selected from the front panel.


  • Dual Bus Architecture
  • 120-240 VAC Power
  • Dual 20 Amp Inputs
  • Four 20 Amp Circuit Outputs
  • Branch Circuit Protection
  • 80% Of Max Load Audible Alarm
  • Easy-to-Use Display Panel
  • Blue LED Display for Each Bus
  • Connect to Rack PDUs or Reboot Switches
  • Various Input & Output Cable Styles Available - Order Separately


  • Monitor Equipment Power Draws
  • Monitor Total Load on Individual or All Circuits
  • Determine and Monitor Load Balance
  • Measure True RMS Current
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